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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 2/10 current celebrity crushes

Zachary Levi

"Nerd. One whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people’s judgement.”

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Ive been waiting for photo set for like 6483 years


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I waited for this.

12 years? IN AZKABAN?

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#can we just stop and appreciate Harry’s face in this scene? #I mean, he’s literally waiting for someone to say something about Hermione’s blood status #she’s the only Muggleborn in the slug club full of purebloods and well known people #and Harry’s there just like “say something I dare you” #and if you look at her face, you can see the actual hesitation and somewhat fear of what will happen next after telling of her parents occupation #Harry truly is acting like Hermione’s big brother, which I absolutely love #i just adore this scene

I love that Neville looks genuinely interested in what hermione’s talking about.

Harry: I wish a mofo would talk shit right now
Say something, make my day
Das right

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i will never achieve true closure and happiness until i know for a fact that chihiro and haku found each other again after the events of spirited away

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I’m am in a puddle of tears

Boys being supportive :)

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 #that’s it #that’s the show

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      ↳ Avengers Assemble #16
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from two of my favorite Studio Ghibli films,

I give you prince mononoke and lady howl. I had alot of fun painting this ! hope you guys like.

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